You need to give added impetus to your transformation project.

A4MT gives you the tools to get people on board and make change effective.

It’s time for action!

The goals are clear, and the paths to get there are well charted. The time for studies and experimentation is over.
It’s now the moment to take concrete actions to implement a comprehensive and coordinated transformation in our practices.

“ It’s no longer about saying we have to plant 1,000 trees.
We have to plant 1, then 10, then 100 and provide a framework where everyone wants to plant the rest. ”

Our firm belief

We can’t have a successful transition by imposing top-down change, whether from managers or from politicians. Change has to come from giving individuals/citizens/consumers the desire to adopt new practices.

The top-down and bottom-up approaches must converge, with programs that bring us together, create acceptance and facilitate market transformation.

Our goal

When launching a transformation program, we’re looking for 15% of the population to adopt the new habits and practices.

Why 15%? It’s the acceptance threshold where market change starts to be acknowledged by society: legislators can change the laws, and businesses can upgrade their production model and/or their offer.

CUBE 2020, a program
that’s proven its worth

Created in 2013, CUBE 2020 is an annual energy-efficiency contest for non-residential buildings. This program takes a bottom-up approach to raise awareness among employees in participating buildings about energy transition issues, by encouraging them to change their practices in a fun way. This foot in the door can generate sustainable results:


in average energy savings

in one year for participating buildings

320 000


involved in France alone since the creation of the contest


of participants

 continue with their energy and environmental transition actions after the contest 

Would you like to put
a transformation program in place?