C-CUBE, the Drivers’ Climate Challenge, is recruiting !

By Marine Girard | Publication: August 6, 2020 at 15:06

Have you heard of CUBE2020, the energy savings competition that has been challenging users of tertiary buildings to be energy-efficient for the past 5 years?

On the same principle A4MT launches C-CUBE and challenges your collaborators to low-carbon driving behaviors to achieve maximum carbon emission reduction!

Transposed to mobility, the principle remains the same as for the building sector: make people understand the coming transition, accompany people and organizations in the collective adoption of new practices by mobilizing users through competition.

Alongside leading partners in the car fleet sector, A4MT offers a collective commitment programme that enables companies to achieve their carbon emission reduction objectives whilst taking into account the constraints and needs of both fleet managers and drivers. 

Get to know C-CUBE: the French Low-Carbon Driving Championship

C-CUBE is a business-to-business CO2 emission reduction competition for car fleets. For 6 months, drivers from the candidate organizations, gathered in teams give their best to win the competition and show the way to responsible and low carbon driving.

C-CUBE responds to a need expressed by many companies faced with increasingly demanding environmental regulations, to quickly adapt their mobility policy to reduce the carbon footprint of their car fleet and respond to the climate emergency.  

Why use competition?

Is it possible to reorganize around a new “low carbon” standard by involving all the company’s employees, as opposed to a top-down approach?It’s the idea behind competition : gathering drivers around a common goal in a challenge allows organizations to create acceptability and even envy for the “new world”.

A “collective impact initiative” for the low-carbon transition of companies’ car fleets

C-CUBE is a commitment and collective action programme based on the collective impact initiative principles. Candidate companies gather around a common objective and action programme : achieving the low-carbon transition of the corporate car fleets.

A shared measurement of real progress, continuous communication of results and sharing of best practices between candidates makes the application of this programme operational and effective in the short term.

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